How it Works

We created a fantastic online clinic for players young and old to improve their ball skills at home.
For every signup of our online clinic within your club, your club will earn USD$35.40.

It's really that simple.


Cost to your club


Online ball skills clinic


Your club's percentage


To your club per signup

100% Free

Being a Partner Club costs absolutely nothing. This is a 100% risk free fundraising program.

Do it your way

Promote the clinic as much or as little as you like. Promote it on Facebook or maybe through email? It's completely up to you.

Get Paid with PayPal

All your club needs is a PayPal account to receive your funds safely and securely at the start of each month.

Live Dashboard

Keep track of your signups with a live club dashboard you can view at any time.

Full Support

We are here to help you with great ideas and any required technical support.


Not only does your club raise funds, but your players overall improve their skill and confidence on the ball.

Fundraising the smart way

Start raising money for your soccer club now
Completely Free, Safe and Secure, No cookies or candy

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